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tokyo - kanazawa - shirakawago - takayama - nagoya - hakone - tokyo or the other way round?

Tokyo - Kanazawa - Shirakawago - Takayama - Nagoya - Hakone - Tokyo or the other way round?

Hi, I'm Ling. Would like to ask for advice on my travel itinerary.

14/12 - Arrive early in Tokyo Haneda, travel to Kanazawa (1 night stay)

15/12 - Shirakawa-go (1 night stay)

16/12 - Takayama (1 night stay)

17/12 - Nagoya (1 night stay)

19/12 - Hakone (1 night stay)

20/12 (thinking which of the above i should stay for 1 more night)

20-24/12: Tokyo

I have a few questions:
1. Is the above travelling ok? Or is travelling the other way better (Tokyo - Hakone - Nagoya - Takayama - Shiragawago - Kanazawa - Tokyo). Taking into account on the usage of JR pass, travelling time, and weather (ie: see snow in Shiragawago)

  1. At which town should i put up for 1 more night? I foresee is tiring to be staying 1 night at each place, would there be a town where you would suggest me to skip and just do day trip instead?

Thank you very much.



Hi Ling,

1 and 1.) Yes, looks good to me! I would add a visit to Kyoto. This will really add to what you already have in your itinerary and personally, I think that Kyoto should not be missed in any trip to Japan :) Nagoya is mostly a business city and there is not much for tourism. If you prefer a more cultural/traditional setting, then you could go to the close by Mie.

Hope this helps,

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