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sunrise express ticket, best chance to get?

Sunrise Express ticket, best chance to get?

Wondering about this Sunrise Express ticket for berth or nobi nobi seat. Which would be the best day for chance to get it? Would Sunday work out? I mean if they leave Sunday coming back from weekend trip maybe they already gone on Saturday cuz work starts early?

Is there any difference going from or to Tokyo?


Hello there,

From reading your post I get the impression that your wish to to just experience riding the Sunrise Express? The train is usually fully booked in the weekend but you may still have a chance to book it during a weekday.

It is hard to comment on day in particular (such as Sunday), or route. So your best bet is to try to book it as soon as possible and have a flexible itinerary. For instance, if you can't book it one day. Than maybe the next.

Good luck with getting your tickets!

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Greetings again and thank you!
Well mostly I wish to experience it. I am quite flexible from either Friday to Monday departure.

I found this calendar from

Where the Single seats seem very available on all week, Solo less on Friday, none on Saturday, Nobi-Nobi few on Thursday, Saturday, none on Friday and Sunday. A berth seems even more popular even though being expensive.

As far as I know you can only see availability from west to east right?


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