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summer in japan

Summer in Japan

May I know any interesting things to see/do/eat in Summer? I am in early July. So far the plan with JR pass:

30.6-1.7 Osaka
2.7 Hiroshima
3.7 Kyoto
4.7 Takayama
5.7 Shirakawago
6.7-7.7 Tokyo

Looking forward for any good recommendation!!


Hi there,

I love these kinds of questions, as I can help with more than the basic planning. At the same time it can be hard to answer as well, as what I enjoy may be different that what someone else may find interesting. Nevertheless, let's get started.

To see and do in Osaka, head to Namba, walk the local streets and breath the atmosphere. There are numerous of small food stores so be sure to try out some of the local delicacies. The best time to visit is to go around is just in the evening, when the city really comes to live.

In Hiroshima, I would certainly pay a visit to the A-Dome and peace museum. They leave a very deep impression and should not be missed. Also be sure to swing by Miyajima. You can catch the ferry for free with the JR Pass and the Tori gate in the sea, is one of the most iconic scenes in Japan. Also be sure to try Hiroshima style Okonamiyaki.

In Kyoto, be sure to visit Kyomizudera, Fushimi Inari as well as the city centre of Kyoto around Nishiki market and surrounding area. If you have time, also consider a visit to Arashi-yama.

In Takayama be sure to try the local Hida Beef, nearly as good as Kobe beef - only without the price tag. I would also recommend a visit to Shirakawago but see you've already got that penned in. Also if you want to enjoy a real Japanese Onsen, head by Oku Hida Onsen.

Hope this gives you some ideas!

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Arigato, Daniel-San! I have been to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo! So I would like to know more about Hiroshima and Takayama (Shirakawago).
For Hiroshima, can you recommend any restaurant serving the best Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki with added noodles? If I go to Miyajima as well, am I able to make it in one day?

For Takayama, do you think it is best to stay overnight at Shirakawago? I just wonder should I join a one-day tour to Shirakawago or plan my own trip there as I worry about the local transport in the village. At first, I just wonder to have Takayama as transit to Shirakawago. If there is not much things to see/do in Takayama, I would think of having a stay at Shirakawago. And the second I can head to Nagoya before going to Tokyo. What do you think is the best looking at my tight plan?



Hello again!

I have some personal favourite spots in Hiroshima for Ramen but I have no idea what they are called. However have a look over at Rameniac for some great ideas. You can certainly visit Hiroshima and Miyajima in a single day. The best thing to do is to ask the locals or staff from your accommodation, this way you can't go wrong.

For Takayama and Shirakawago, I would make a day trip to Shirakawago. The historic village is very beautiful but you can see most of it in a couple of hours. Staying the night in Shirakawago is very nice but can be pricey, however it is one of the few ways to experience the village light up if you don't have a car.

Best part about your plan, hard to say, but I love the visit to both Hiroshima and Takayama. Both are personal favourites

Hope this helps!

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