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should i purchase jrp?tokyo-hakone-kawaguchi-kyoto-nara-osaka

Should I purchase JRP?tokyo-hakone-kawaguchi-kyoto-nara-osaka

my schedule:
1st day Haneda airport: 6am
6th day Tokyo-Hakone
7th day Hakone-Kawaguchi
8th day Kawaguchi-Kyoto
10th day Kyoto-Osaka
13rd day Come back my country from Kansai airport

I should buy Rail-pass? thank you


Hi there,

I looked at normal ticket prices for you to see if a JR-Pass would be a good option.

Tokyo --> Odawara ¥ 3,440 (for Hakone)
Kawaguchi --> Kyoto ¥ 13,230
Kyoto --> Osaka ¥ 540
Osaka --> Kansai Airport ¥ 1,160

For a total of ¥ 18,370, this would not cover the price of a 7 Day JR Pass, so I would recommend just buying the tickets as you go.

For Hakone consider buying a Hakone Free Pass you can use it to traverse the area with many kinds of transportation.

-Hope this helps, Daniel

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thank u so much
I plan to go to Nara more
Should I go to Nara from Kyoto then go to Osaka?
I will go to Jp from 21 may to 3 june(anyone wanna find a friend to travel,plz contact me)
twitter: souji


Hey again,

Both Nara and Osaka are close to each other so it does not really matter where you go first/stay. Since Osaka is closest to Kansai Airport it is maybe smart to keep that for last.

Have a good trip!

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