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should i consider a takayama-hokuriku tourist pass?

Should I consider a Takayama-Hokuriku Tourist Pass?

In about a month, I (and 4 others) will be spending 7 nights in Tokyo, going on day trips some of the days. I'm planning to visit Kanazawa on one of these day trips, but I'm somewhat confused by the ticket prices. All of my other day trips will be covered by the JR East Pass, but is it worth investing in a Hokuriku Tourist pass just for a one-day return trip?


Hi there,

The Hokuriku and JR East Pass cover completely different areas and I don't think it makes sense to combine them. You possibly could look at a 7 day JR Pass instead if you want to include Kanazawa in the itinerary. Just a normal return Tokyo - Kanazawa will help you make savings.

Hope this helps!

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