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should i buy jr regional pass for tokyo and hokkaido or jr pass for my trip

Should I buy JR Regional Pass for Tokyo and Hokkaido or JR Pass for my Trip

Hi My trip from 23 Nov to 4 Dec is below.

What is the recommended JR pass that I should buy and what is the estimated cost that I will save if I buy the JR pass that is recommended.

(1) 23 Nov to 24 Nov (2 nights) - (Tokyo) Explore Tokyo and go Disneyland (2) 25 Nov (1 night) - (Hakone) - Ryokan (3) 26 Nov (1 night) - (Tokyo) - Explore Tokyo

*** 27 Nov - Domestic flight to Chitose

(5) 27 Nov to 28 Nov (2 nights) - (Sapporo) Explore Sapporo (6) 29 Nov to 30 Nov (2 nights) - (Niseko) Explore Niseko Village (7) 1 Dec to 2 Dec (2 nights) - (Hakodate) Explore Hokodate

*** 3 Dec - Train from Hokodate back to Sapporo

(8) 3 Dec to 4 Dec (1 night) - (Chitose) Just sleep over

*** 4 Dec - Domestic flight back to Tokyo


Sorry the format I've posted is mess up. Hope you manage to digest the travel plan. The (1), (2), (3) (8) are the dates that I will stay overnight at the location.

Thank You.


Hi there,

Traveling in Tokyo and to Hakone is not expansive and you could just stick with buying normal tickets. Within Hakone a Hakone Free Pass could be useful as it gives you unlimited travel in the area.

For Hokkaido, a Hokkaido rail pass could be useful since you make a return Sapporo - Hakodate. A full assessment can be found here

Hope this helps,

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