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shoul intake jr pass or regular tickets?

shoul intake jr pass or regular tickets?

Hi, me and my family ( 4 adults total) am going to Japan on next January.
We am arriving to Osaka and stay there 2 days, after we am going 4 days to kyoto, visiting Hiroshima and Nara too, and after we am going to Tokyo, where we ´ll stay 1 week. We depart to our country form Narita airport. In Tokyio w´ll stay near Shibuya station. Then what s best for us, taking regular tickets or JR Pass? 7 or 14 days? We could use it for going to Narita? And a last question; The delivery cost, is for each JR PASS or for all 4? (30 or 12 dollars full prize?
Thanks a lot.


Hi there,

I advise using a 7 day JR Pass for travel from Osaka - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Nara and Tokyo. This way you could cover the part of your travel plan that would cost the most without using a JR Pass. From there, local travel within Tokyo is relatively low priced, so it makes more sense to just buy tickets locally there. You can also look at day passes, such as the Tokyo Metro Day Pass.

Shipping is only charged once per order, so you only pay it once if you order all 4 day JR Passes with us at the same time.

Hope this helps,

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