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shinagawa to shinfuji station to hakata station

Shinagawa to Shinfuji station to Hakata station


Would like to seek help here. I would like to travel from Shinagawa to Shinfuju station by Shinkanzen. Then stay at Shizuoka for a while. After a few days, from Shinfuji station, how do i travel to Hakata station at Fukuoka for sightseeing? What pass should i buy?'.

I know how to take Kodama shinkanzen to Shinfuji station.

After a few days, from Shinfuji station, what train should i take to travel to Hakata, Fukuoka?

Do i need to buy a JR rail pass and a separate rail pass for sight seeing in Kyushu too?

Pls advise : )

Thank you very much!



Hi Eileen,

You can use the Tokaido Shinkansen directly from Shinagawa to ShinFuji station. Then use the Shinkansen as well to travel to Shizuoka and Hakata. The JR Pass covers all of these routes and is valid for all JR lines in Kyushu as well.

You ask which train to take each time but the Shinkansen is basically one long high speed line servicing major cities in Japan. Have a look at this map and the Blue line and you'll see what I mean.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much for your info!

It will be a long trip from Shinfuji Station to Hakata Station.

I have booked the domestic flight from Haneda instead.

However, im still researching on where to go in Kyushu once we reach Fukuoka. And calculate if we need to purchase JR pass. If we can use the JR pass in Kyushu, then most probably we should purchase right?

Maybe going to explore just Fukuoka, Beppu or Oita within 4 days.

Best regards


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