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routes during a trip

Routes during a trip

Hi Everyone,

So, i'm planing a 12 day trip next year. here's my break down:

Flying into HND, Tokyo (Akihabara) > Osaka > Kyoto > Tokyo (do 1 last day shopping and whatever) then fly back out to the states.

Since I've never been, i'm trying to use the Hyperdia site to map out the train jumps but i'm just not getting it. Is there a site or app that can map out routes using only JR pass services? I like how Hyperdia gives you the trains schedule and its ID number but i'm not sure of how to limit the search to only JR trains and buses.

Thanks in advance for any info


Hi Gavilan,

I think that you are really going to like this, we have an interactive map which shows all routes covered by the JR Pass:

Also if you search in Hyperdia without the Nozomi/Mizuho option and private railway options selected, then you'll find only routes covered by the JR Pass. See our blog post for all the details.

Hope this helps,

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