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regarding the lost and found

Regarding the lost and found

For it may concern

My sister had lost something on the train on the 17th of April.
From Kyoto train station on the way to Osaka during 12:45~13:45PM.
The lost belongs are
1.Brown colour plastic bag : book and biscuit
2.White paper bag : biscuit
I had reported that for the Kyoto Lost and Found but they said there is not similar item left on that day.
The book is quite important for my sister, so she would like to find out.
Is there any other way to find out that book ?

Best wishes



Hi there,

I am very sorry to hear about your lost book and hope that you can recover it quickly!
I would suggest contacting the JR West Lost and Found department in Osaka.

You can call them on the following numbers, 0570-00-2486 or 078-382-8686 (remove the first 0 and add +81 if you are calling from abroad). Officially they only speak Japanese, so I would recommend asking somebody that does.

You can call the Japan Help Line in case you don't know anybody that speaks Japanese and ask them to help you with it.

Giving as much specific information as you can will increase the chances of it being recognised, such as the name of the book.

Also see how lost and found blog post for reference.

Best wishes and good luck!

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