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questions about itinerary and rail

Questions about itinerary and rail

Hello there!

I´m planning a little seven-day-trip to Japan and I´m wondering if I manage to visit:
Day 1: Arriving to Tokyo
Days 2-4: Tokyo
Day 4: Tokio - Kyoto
Day 5: Kyoto
Day 6: Kyoto - Nara (?) - Osaka
Day 7: Osaka
Next day: leaving

Is it possible/feasible to stop by Nara on the way to Osaka?

Do I need an JRPass or which trains/tickets are optimum?

I would be very grateful if you could give me an snwer to my questions!

Kind regards!


Hello there,

Will you be returning to Tokyo to fly out or leave Japan from Osaka?

A 7 day JR Pass would be helpful if you return to Tokyo but it is better to buy normal tickets if you fly out of Osaka.

You could visit Nara on your way to Osaka, it's within 1H travel from either city and would be an easy trip to make. At the same time theres more than enough to do in Osaka/Kyoto to keep you busy.

Hope this helps and have a great trip!

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Hi Daniel!
Thank you very much for your answer: it was very helpful!
I see there is also a Japan Bus Pass by Willer Express. Is this Bus going to all those places? Could that be also a good option?
Thanks again!


Hi again!

The Bus pass is for 3 night buses (if I recall right). In your trip you would only use it once for Tokyo - Kyoto, I don't think that this would be enough for it to be useful. You could of course look for a normal bus ticket, they can be very cheap.

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