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possibility? night train from haneda airport to hiroshima 10:30 pm landing june 30?

Possibility? Night Train from Haneda Airport to Hiroshima 10:30 PM landing June 30?

Inquiry: Arrival from USA at Haneda Airport, two adult travelers prefer to travel by night (sitting is okay) to Hiroshima for time management. Landing at 10:30 PM, we would need to pick up the actual pass, and then enter the train at the proper station.. Please advise if this is possible, and also provide details of the method we should use (which station, taxi to get there? etc.). Thank you very much for your help.


Hi there,

I am afraid that there is not night train from Haneda to Hiroshima. My advise would be to stay the night in Tokyo and travel on the following morning by Shinkansen to Hiroshima.

I can't think of any viable alternative.

Hope this helps,

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