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please review if my trips could use jr pass?

Please review if my trips could use JR pass?

Hello there,

I will have a 7-days trip in japan to visit Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Narita with below schedule:

May 2 : Narita Airport - Asakusa Station (Tokyo)

May 3: Asakusa Station - Meiji Shrine - Asakusa Station

May 4: Asakusa Station - Tsukiji Fish Market

May 5: Asakusa Station - Sanjo Station (Kyoto)

May 6: Sanjo Station - Kencho-Mae Station (Hiroshima) - Sanjo Station (Kyoto)

May 8: Sanjo Station - Keisei-Narita Station (Narita)

May 9: Keisei-Narita Station - Narita Airport

Please kindly advise me following issues:

  1. Could I use 7-days JR Pass for my trip?

  2. Which line or train I should take for my trip?

  3. Do I need to pay any extra money for my trips? How much?

  4. Could I book/ reserve seat before I arrive Japan? How can I do it?

  5. Could I use JR Pass for bus in Tokyo or Kyoto? If yes, what is it?

Thanks ahead for your promt reply.



hello Tini,

1.) Certainly, using a JR Pass for this trip will get you great savings. Especially travel to Kyoto and Hiroshima can be costly without a JR Pass.

2 and 3.) Here I recommend learning to plan with Hyperdia. Its a great tool for planning before and while you are in Japan. You can also find all stations/routes covered and not covered by the JR Pass.

A note here: the JR Pass is valid on all JR lines in Tokyo but other transport is not, think of the Tokyo Metro. Asakusa is one of the few places in Tokyo that does not have a JR station close by. You can use the JR Pass to Ueno station and from there use the Ginza Metro line to Asakusa. Also Keisei-Narita Station, is not a JR Station, I would use Narita station instead. It is 2min walk from Keisei-Narita Station.

4.) Tickets can be reserved once you are in Japan. Here is how to make reservations.

5.) The JR Pass is valid on local JR buses (not buses run by other companies). [Here is how to use the JR Pass on the bus.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks so much for your advise. This help me a lot to review my plan. :-)


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