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please help to plan our trip to hakone.

Please help to plan our trip to Hakone.


We are planning to take a day trip to Hakone from Tokyo and wondering which way to travel is the best. Could you please help us to organize this trip in most efficient way? We are planning to visit Hotel Green Plaza Hakone onsen and Owakudani Hot Spring.

We thought about two ways:

1) We will have JR Pass but we can go only to Odawara St. Then taking bus from Odawara bus stop to Ubako bus stop which is near Hotel Green Plaza. Do you know how much it will cost us? And then after onsen could we go on foot til owakudani hot spring?

2) From Odawara st. take tozan train to Gora st.,then take tozan cable car to Sounzan st. and eventually take ropeway?

Would it maybe be cheaper to take som day pass in Hakone?

Maybe you could advice some other nice hot spring in Hakone if it very difficult to get to Hotel Green Plaza.

Thank you in advance!


Hi there,

Hakone is great and not to hard to travel around in.

1.) While I don't have the exact fare, I don't think that it will be more than a couple hundred yen. You may also find this webpage useful:

While I guess you could walk to Owakudani, I would recommend taking the ropeway instead.

2.) You could buy the Hakone Free Pass if you plan on doing a lot of travel in Hakone. It is valid for two days and makes for a good excuse to do a good amount of exploring.

I don't think it will be too hard to get to your hotel. Here's the access page:

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel-san,

Can you please confirm for me if my research is correct ? Some parts in Hakone is now restricted area of no entry by the Japanese officials.

We were planning to go to Hakone and now we have changed our travel plans. Because they still have the volcanic warnings that some area is now restricted as no entry. The Hakone Ropeway is also suspended until further notice.

Here's the link: scroll down to middle of page, you will see the bigger map.

Please share your comments



Hi Frank,

You are correct. The warnings are still current. When did you plan on visiting Hakone?

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Hi Daniel,

We were planning to visit Hakone in November this year. I think the warnings started in end of May and still there.


Hi again!

It's hard to say, it may or may not be over by then. Maybe it is for the best to change plans or have a plan B ready.

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