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please help im lost !

Please help im lost !

Hi all, i need your suggestions or input about Japan, i have never been to Japan before and sooooo excited to visit this country in march 2015. I want it all well planned, so if you have any information please help me out.

  1. How to get to MT FUJI (kawaguchiko) from Osaka ?? I am staying around namba area.
  2. How to get to TOKYO from MT FUJI?

Thank you for your help.


Hello there,

Traveling from Osaka - Kawaguchiko, is not really an easy route. The best way to travel there using the JR Pass is to take the Shinkansen from Osaka to Yokohama, from there use local trains to Otsuki station and from there the Fujikyu line to Kawaguchiko.

A full route would look like something like this. It's possibly better to travel to Tokyo first, stay the night there and make a day trip to Kawaguchiko from Tokyo. As you can just travel from Tokyo to Otsuki and which is much closer.

Hope this helps,

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Yeah Daniel has it right it is a tough route.
Takes more than 5 hours! even getting the connections pretty much spot on.

If you can get to Shin-Yokohama on the Shinkansen then Hachioji using the JR Yokohama line then you're pretty much at Otsuki use the Fujikyu railway from there to Kawaguchiko

.. if you're an ultra distance runner have a great time!

To get back from there to Tokyo is pretty straight forward. Kawaguchi > Otsuki (Fujikyu) // Takao via JR Chuo // Tokyo via JR Chuo Rapid ..


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