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planning a train trip

Planning a Train Trip

We're planning a trip to Tokyo and we are going to join a cruise in Kobe.
Question 1: What train do we take going to Kobe and how long? We are staying in the Best Western Hotel in Shinjuku on June 15th and need to be in Kobe by the 16th.
Question 2: On June 24th, we are going back to Tokyo and staying there until the 28th. Assuming we buy a 7-day pass on the 16th, would the pass still be valid by then?


Hi there!

1.) Kobe can be reached using the Shinkansen (the bullet trains). From Tokyo station use the Shinkansen to travel to Shin-Kobe, from here you can use local transport to your accommodation.

2.) The validity of the JR Pass is counted in consecutive days and this first day is counted as one. This would mean that your JR Pass expires on the 23rd if you start using it on the 16th.

Hope this helps!

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