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peak travel time

Peak Travel Time

I will be traveling in Japan July 27 - August 9. It appears that this will miss Obon peak travel time, but is summer a peak travel time no matter what? We will spend our time in Tokyo and south toward Kyushu. I'm still contemplating getting a Green Car Pass and know it will be an advantage if it is a peak travel time. Thank you for any advice you can offer.


Hello there,

It will be busy during peak time both in normal class and Green Class, although Green Class will certainly be less noisy.

Green Class within Kyushu is very nice, especially if you travel on some limited express trains. So I would well recommend it if you go all the way. Since Green Seats are by reservation only, be sure to make your reservations a day in advance or so. Generally this is not needed but it just gives that peace of mind, knowing you already have the tickets.

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