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pass and times

Pass and times

My friend and I will be doing a whistlestop tour from the 26th-29th September. We arrive by ferry in Fukuoka at 7.30 am on the 26th and plan to go directly to Tokyo for the day and then the next 2 days in Kyoto, returning on Tuesday 29th to catch the ferry home from Fukuoka. Do you think it is worth us getting a 7 day pass for this amount of time? Also, we need to be at Fukuoka no later than 10am on the Tuesday. Do you know what times thr trains start running from Kyoto to Fukuoka and if we would be able to catch one around 6-6.30 am?

Thanks for your help!


Hi there,

When looking at ticket prices getting a 7 day JR Pass for your itinerary makes a lot of sense. A return ticket Tokyo - Fukuoka is ¥ 47,400. While a 7 day JR Pass is only ¥ 29,110.

Unfortunately it is a rather long trip Tokyo - Fukuoka and takes about 368 minutes. This means that you would have to leave the day beforehand.

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