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paragliding at fujinomiya

Paragliding at Fujinomiya

Hello. I've came across a few websites that mentioned that we are able to do paragliding near Fujinomiya. There are schools that offer them namely, Asagiri Kougen and SkyAsagiri. Does anyone know which one do you recommend? I've seen more Youtube videos for Skyasagiri (which tells me they are more popular). However, there is another school, Asagiri Kougen that offers similar courses at a much cheaper rate. Asagiri Kougen's tandem costs 6000yen which includes lunch while Skyasagiri tandem costs 8000yen doesn't include lunch. Anyone have any prior experience to share, any info will be useful.

Skyasagiri website: Asagiri Kougen website:

Thank you. :)


Hi there,

While I love the idea of paragliding near Fuji, I have no experience at all in the area and unfortunately can't help you with your quest.

Maybe some of the other forum visitors have a better idea!

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