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my friends and i are travelling to japan in june, as we are planning for our itinerary we would like to get your inputs what's the best and affordable means of transportation around japan that you can recommend.
june 13 - arrive at night in osaka (kansai)
june 14 - osaka (universal studios)
june 15 - tokyo (disney sea)
june 16 - tokyo (tokyo tower, meiji shrine, imperial palace,ginza)
june 17 - tokyo ( go around the city do a cruise, or can you suggest other good sites to visit)
june 18 - kyoto (nijo castle,kinkakuji, kyoto imperial palace,kiyomizu temple,kitano-tenman shrine)
june 19 - kyoto (Toei Kyoto Studio Park,Gion-Geisha district)
june 20 - osaka (Aerial Garden Observatory,Umeda, Osaka Castle, instant ramen museum), depart osaka at night
we are planning to stay at Hyatt using our hotel points so we can save the accomodation.
what are the options for transportation that you can recommend? bus or rails or train? we plan do to our transfers from one city to another at night.
do you think we can go around japan with this itinerary on our own or should we join group tours.

appreciate your feedback.thanks


Hi there,

I think a 7-day JR pass is a great option for your travels, this because the price is roughly the same as a return Osaka Tokyo, so any additional travel becomes free! I see that you will be traveling a lot locally too and not having to buy tickets every time is a nice convenience too! If you decide on a 7-day JR-Pass I would recommend that you use it from June 14th thru 20th and buy a single ticket to Namba from Kansai Airport that can be bought for just 980 Yen.

Travel time between Osaka and Tokyo is just 140minutes by Shinkansen but if you wish to travel by night you can take a night bus instead. They are more budgetary and start at around 3600Yen for one way in a normal bus and go up to about 8000 for a more comfortable option, these however are not covered by the JR-Pass.

The best way to travel around in Japan is by train but depending on the city other means of local transport may be better. In Osaka you should be fine with the JR and in Tokyo you can get pretty far too, otherwise the Metro will get you there.

Hope this helps,

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thank you very much this is very helpful!


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