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My travel period is 7/2/2016-15/2/2016 and it is the time chinese new year and it is also winter period , And i have 4 of us ,Can you command what type of itinerary is suitable for us but we more prefer on Japan culture and leisure place.
Can you suggest the itinerary whereby on winter period, And It is easy to find Tour agent during these period?

Hope to hear you soon.
Thank you


Hi there,

Writing out a full itinerary takes quite some time and it is hard to include places without better knowing what you are interested in.

We have a range of example itineraries you can use to get some inspiration.
7 day sample itinerary For Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara.

14 day sample itinerary Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kyushu and Osaka.

Traditional Japan.

Family Trip. All kinds of cool things to visit with family and friends.

My advise would be to look at each city to visit, stay there a couple of days and visit the highlights in each city. This is way easier than looking for a Tour Agent.

Hope this helps,

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