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osaka - kyoto - nara - lake kawaguchi - hakone - tokyo - nikko

Osaka - kyoto - Nara - Lake Kawaguchi - Hakone - Tokyo - Nikko


My group, 2 Elderly, 2 kids (3 yrs and 1 yrs old), 2 adult (one pregnant woman), adults intend to get a 7 days JR pass

From Osaka to Lake Kawaguchi.
The transports in Mt Fuji and Hakone - IS not cover under JR pass right?
Eg, cable car, boat, buses.

I know there is Fuji Hakone pass. Do I need that? Is it necessary to buy in Shinjuku?

Please advice.



You should see this site for info on regional passes around Fuji. Hakone would be a lot closer and give you a lot more time, but it's up to you.

Best of luck.


Hello there,

Kawaguchiko and Hakone are two different areas around Fuji and it is still a considerable amount of travel from Hakone to Kawaguchiko. Getting from Osaka - Kawaguchiko is a very long trip and I would not recommend making it given the travel company. It takes at least 5 hours with multiple transfers Here is an example. Hakone however can be reached directly with the Shinkansen from Osaka, so I suggest going there directly.

To answer your question, transport within Hakone is indeed not included in the JR Pass and a Hakone Free Pass can be very useful if you plan to explore the area.

As for the JR Pass, your longer distance travel is limited to a one way Osaka - Tokyo (with different stops in between). This however is not enough to make savings using a JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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