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on ticket or two?

On ticket or two?

For my itinerary, the JR Pass doesn't make financial sense, so I will be buying tickets as I travel. In two instances of my trip I want to stop enroute (Nara to Kyoto, stopping in Uji; and Kyoto to Kanazawa, stopping in Hikone). Do I have to buy two tickets (i.e., Nara to Uji, Uji to Kyoto), or can I buy just the one (i.e., Nara to Kyoto)?

Also, I will be traveling from Matsumoto to Tokyo on October 11. I read about peak days to reserve seats. Is this a date I should reserve in advance?


Hello there,

Yes you will have to buy tickets for each leg.

Reserving tickets is also recommended, altough I don't think that you'll encounter difficulties getting from Tokyo - Shinjuku.

Hope this helps,

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