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nozawa onsen + mt fuju travel costs

Nozawa Onsen + Mt Fuju travel costs

Hi all,

I've spent about an hour now trying to figure out what's the cheapest option for rail pass for a trip I'm planning next year and somehow I'm still confused. I'm hoping someone can just give me a quick answer?

For the trip, the hubby and I are looking at going on a snow trip with a side of sightseeing in Tokyo before heading home. I'm wondering what the best cheapest pass to get if the plan was like below:

Day 1: Tokyo to Nozawa Onsen
Spend 7 days at the resort
Day 7: Nozawa Onsen to Tokyo
Spend three days sight seeing in and around Tokyo. Looking to visit Mt Fuji, Shibuya, Akihabara etc.
Then fly out from Tokyo.

What's the best JR Pass to get?



Hi there,

For a trip with a big break from travelling in the middle like this, I think you'll be better off buying separate tickets. How about something like the following:

1) Tokyo > Togarinozawaonsen ¥17,400 return in plain JR tickets
2) Metro underground card for Tokyo (around ¥2000 of trips)
3) You won't be able to climb Mt Fuji at this time of year (unless you are really expert), but visiting the surrounding Hakone area is lovely with great views. I recommend the Hakone freepass in this case (¥5000)

For further savings if you're landing in Narita, you can pick up the Narita Express ticket and combined Tokyo Metro card from the JR office, which will cover the trip into Tokyo (normally ¥2940) plus a Suica Tokyo metro travel card precharged with ¥1500 of metro travel (normally ¥2000) for ¥3500. This should cover you for your first few days in Tokyo.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much for the reply!


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