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nex ticket

Nex ticket

Hi, I may sound totally stupid but on our last day we are in Shinjuku and our rail pass will have run out.

We don't fly till 9.50pm but still would like to check out around Tokyo and then get to airport around 6.50pm.

What sort of ticket should we purchase. I checked out Suica + Nex but have difficulty understanding it when it says you can get off at any stop as long as you don't leave the ticket gate. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

Could anyone put in the right direction with this.




Hi there!

The NEX+ SUICA deal as a single ticket deal is only available coming from Narita to Tokyo, so you won't be able to use it going back.

As it's you're last day I recommend getting to Narita using one of the following options:

  1. Narita Express / NEX (many departure stations in Tokyo, incl. Shinjuku)
  2. Keisei Skyliner (Departs from Ueno station Keisei terminal)
  3. Limousine Bus (Many departure locations in Tokyo)

All of these cost roughly the same (around ¥3000), with the Keisei Skyliner being the fastest but least flexible in terms of departure station.

Regarding the Narita Express question about getting off at any stop, I'm not 100% sure which page you are reading, but I guess it could mean that the ticket is valid for all travel to Narita, provided you do not leave the ticket barrier. I think this is referring to changing train if necessary? If you have a link to the page I'll gladly take a look :)

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Hi Mari,

Can't seem to find where I read that but pretty sure it was on JR East website.



Hi Annie,

Hmm. I can't seem to find it here, but I'm sure it will mean that you can change trains within the JR system, but cannot leave the station while you are en-route to Narita using the NEX ticket.

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