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narita to osaka

Narita to Osaka

Hi There,

I need to catch a train from Narita to Osaka on Saturday 5th October.

I have a JR Rail Pass but am willing to pay extra to make sure I get to Osaka on that night instead of the Sunday.

I arrive into Narita international airport at 7pm and would like to see what are my options as to how to get to Osaka on the same night.

Hoping you can help.


Hi there!

Sorry to bring you bad news but that may be pretty hard to pull off. Trains as a general rule stop running after midnight in Japan and the last train connection to Osaka leaves at 20:10 from Narita Airport and neither the Keisei line nor the Nozomi are covered by the JR Pass so you almost would have to pay the full amount of ¥ 16,450.

For reference, the last option fully covered by the JR Pass leaves at 18:48

You could better find a good Hotel for that money and travel on the next morning, although I understand that is not your preferred option.

I hope this helps you nevertheless and good luck!

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