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Nagano - Tokyo

Hi there, I am planning to travel to Japan for 14 days, and the itinerary is to be scheduled out in this way:

Day 1 - 8 Nagano
Day 9 - 14 Tokyo

I was wondering if travelling with a JR East Pass alone will be sufficient and economical, or would getting around with a Suica and then purchasing a single trip ticket from Nagano to Tokyo be a better option?

Please advise and many thanks for so!



It depends where in Nagano, and how much you will travel in the area. If simply going to Nagano Stn and back, buying regular tickets would be a lot less expensive. If you are just going to someplace like Karuizawa, then one or two Kanto Area Passes might serve you better.
To check fares, times, etc. you can go to Hyperdia and just plug in your starting point and end point, plus date/time that you like. But be sure under "More Options" to deselect "Nozomi..." since you can't ride that on the Pass.

Best of luck.


Hello, thanks for your reply and tip!

The plan is to visit Shiga Kogen for approximately 3 days before heading down to Nagano City for 4 days to do some additional sightseeing in places such as the matsumoto castle and Zenkoji Temple.

In terms of visiting Tokyo, places of interest that I have planned to cover are omotesando, akihabara, basically the usual offerings around central tokyo.


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