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mt fuji 5th station to gotemba

Mt Fuji 5th Station to Gotemba


I'm going to be descending Mt Fuji down the Yoshida Trail to the Fuji-Subaru 5th Station. I then need to get to Gotemba so I can catch a train to Osaka.

Could anyone offer some help on this? Trying to look for the most direct way to get to Gotemba from Fuji-Subaru. After looking into this myself I think I'd need to get a bus back to Kawaguchiko Station and then another to Gotemba but just wanted to be sure.



Hi there,

Your research is correct, the best way would be to return to Kawaguchiko and use local transport from there to get on the Shinkansen line. From Kawaguchiko there are 3 options.

1.) Take an express bus (about 1.5h) to Mishima station and from there the Shinkansen to Osaka.

2.) Use a bus to Gotemba, from there use local lines to travel to any Shinkansen station to board the bullet train to Osaka.

3.) Use the Fujikyu line to Otsuki and use JR lines from there to Tokyo or Yokohama to board the Shinkansen there.

Hope this helps,

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