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most scenic train routes

Most Scenic Train Routes

I read that most Shinkansen Trains go through tunnels. Thus not scenic. Kindly suggest top 5 most scenic train routes. Preferably cover by JR Pass. Thanks


Hi there,

Who said the Shinkansen are not Scenic? You can have one of the best views on Fuji between Tokyo - Nagoya on a clear day.

Having said that, there are many other scenic routes.

One that comes to mind is Nagoya - Takayama. This is one of my favorite routes, as the train follows a riverbed trough the Japanese Alps.

An other beautiful ride is along the resort Shirakami train in Tohoku. Which travels along the Japanese coast.

An other of my personal favs, is the route between Shinjuku, and Matsumoto and the Azusa express. You can have a beautiful view of Fuji just around Kofu. The train travels a lot trough nature and it is very nice.

Yet an other beautiful route is to use the JR from Okayama to Hagi. This is a very small and local train that travels to Hagi and only runs a couple times a day. It is well worth traveling if you have the time.

Hope this helps,

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Most helpful. Thanks Danielsan


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