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monthly tokyo pass

Monthly Tokyo Pass

Myself and my girlfriend are staying near Yakuendai Station and want to travel to Akihabara almost every day for a month while we are there (January 9th to February 9th).

Being able to explore elsewhere would be a bonus; but not critical.

We can bike it part way to a nearby station like Tsudanuma Station if needed.

What are our best (cheapest) options? Is there a monthly pass that we can use in this situation?


Hi Wex,

I would indeed recommend using your bike to travel to TSUDANUMA and use a monthly pass from there (which is ¥ 13,300). This is by far the more economic option, because Yakuendai is served by the Keisei Railway which is a different company than JR and transferring all the time can cost a lot of extra money. By bicycling you can save about 5,000yen on a monthly basis.

Alternatively you could travel by bike to TSUDANUMA and buy a JR Tokunai pass from there (¥ 730 yen) these are day passes which allow for unlimited travel in all 23 wards of Tokyo on JR lines. This would cost more than a money pass Tsudanuma - Akihabara but is still cheaper that buying single tickets for a return each day (¥900). The great advantage here is that you can see all of Tokyo at the same time.

Here's a great video by Gajinpot explaining the Tokunai ticket.

Hope this helps!

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That's brilliant. We will probably go with the Tokunai ticket as we may not be travelling every day and it allows us a bit more freedom. Thank you.


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