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mobile wifi

Mobile wifi

I was looking to buy a JR pass from your website. Just before the confirmation step, I was given an option to purchase "Mobile wifi" for £55 for 14 days.

Please could you explain how this would work? I have a UK number which intend to take with me to Japan.


1>Is this mobile wifi like an INTERNET dongle which I need to plug into a laptop/ wall socket?
2>What do I need to do to activate this mobile wifi on my UK phone?
3> Would you advice carrying a spare phone and buying a local sim on Japan for the duration of my stay?

Thanks for your help!


Hello there,

You can find all the details here:

The mobile wifi rental is your own personal hotspot, so there's no need to swap sims, or anything.

You just connect to your Mobile Wifi routers over Wifi like you would do at home.

Hope this helps,

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