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luggage service from kyoto to tokyo

Luggage Service from Kyoto to Tokyo

We will be staying in Kyoto for a couple days then travel to Tokyo. Do JR rail train have a luggage service, that deliverys your luggage to your hotel in Tokyo? If so what is the price?


Hi there,

The JR itself does not offer such a service but there Black Cat Yamamoto transport is a very handy service that ships all over Japan. Most hotels will offer this service, so you can just give them your luggage and tell them where to ship it. You can find all the prices on the website, fees start at 900Yen but expect to pay around 1,500 for a normal suitcase from Tokyo to Kyoto.

You can also find many other places in Japan that offer this service, you can recognize them by the black cat logo that carries a kitten in its mouth.

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