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luggage problem

Luggage problem

Hi experts,

I'm arriving in Narita and traveling directly to Kyoto. I did that last time when I was in Japan (from Narita to Osaka), and since my luggage is pretty big, the train ride was quite uncomfortable. Is it possible to send my luggage from Narita to the hotel that I'm living in Kyoto on the same day (vice versa from Kyoto to Tokyo)? If not, how long would it take for my luggage to arrive? Thanks for the help since without carrying around the luggage, traveling on the JR trains will be much more convenient!



Hi Kunal,

I know your problem all to well! What you can do is use the Takyu-bin service from Yamamoto transport to send your luggage all around the country with overnight delivery.

They have a special website for people arriving at the Airport with how things work.

Shipping a suitcase will cost around 1,500 Yen and you can send it directly to any address in Japan (including your Hotel). Many hotels also provide this service, so for instance you could forward your Suitcase from Kyoto back to Tokyo too!

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel-san for the quick response! I'll check into that (it doesn't seem to say how much time it would take) and if it doesn't arrive on the same day, I might have to just bring my luggage on the train :) Thanks again!


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