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luggage on trains

Luggage on trains

You had previously written that there is an area for storage of a couple of bags on Shinkansen trains. How large is it and where is it located on each car? What can you do with a suitcase when there is no storage or storage is full?
Some of our routes are Shinkansen but several are not (Matsuyama--Kochi, Kochi-Iya Valley, Iya-Takamatsu). What do you suggest?


Hi there!

They place where you can store your suitcase is behind the last row of seats in each train car both on the Shinkansen and other limited express trains. There's generally room for 4-6 suitcases. Otherwise it's best to ask the conductor where you can store them for the trip.

Here are the official guidelines/rules for luggage which you can take aboard:

-You may bring up to two pieces of baggage on board free of charge. For each bag the total of the length, width and height must not exceed 250 centimeters, the length must not exceed two meters and the weight must be no more than 30 kilograms.

An alternative would be to forward your luggage using a carrier service such as the Takkyubin service and have your luggage send from hotel to hotel.

Hope this helps!

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