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lost backpack on yamanote line

Lost backpack on Yamanote line

We left a backpack in the train on Yamanote line (were going from Shinagawa to Shinjuku station) on May 28.
Once we realized it we went to the lost and found office but they couldn't find it. There were many valuable items (photo camera, video camera, iPad, iPhone etc) and things that are precious for us, such as all photos from out trip to Tokyo.

I have heard a lot about safety in Japan and that almost all lost things are getting found, so we spend the last two days going to lost and found offices on Yamanote line, going to police office and calling them many many times. Actually when we were back from Japan i kept on calling JR info line all this time.
I don't know what else I can do:( I still hope for a miracle to happen.
Please advise where else I can call or write regarding this?

I would appreciate any info and advice!


Hello there,

I am very sorry to hear about this. Japan is indeed a very save country and return rates are high.

Calling the JR East Info Line is the best advice which I can give you. We also have the lost and found number for you but they officially only speak Japanese.

You may already have thought about this but try calling your own phone from time to time. Somebody may have plugged it in.

Unfortunately I can't offer direct help here but wish you good luck with your search!

All the best!

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Hi Daniel,
Thank you very much for your reply.

I am still trying to call JR info line and today was advised to call police office again but I couldn't even connect to the operator because there is an answering machine in Japanese only:( Do you know if there is a police office with english speaking service or anyone who can help me to call them?
Thanks again!


And one more thing. Are there any forums or website popular among Japanese where I can post and ad about this and ask to return for a reward?


You could ask the Japan Helpline for assistance. It's a Japanese/English assistance line and they can help you with many things. Perhaps you could ask them to contact the police for you.

I am not really sure about forums to post at. 2Chan comes to mind but I am not sure if that is the place to post anything.
There's also Craigslist Tokyo but not sure either about that one.


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