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looking to purchase a jrpass

Looking to purchase a jrpass

My partner and I are traveling to japan in August for 3 weeks, we intend to spend the first and last week in one area like Tokyo and Osaka but the second week we would like to tour around japan and the pass looks ideal.
I would like to know as I have read in the guide book, accommodation should always be booked in advance? We tend to do travel on a whim and like to just go for an adventure and see where it takes us! This is why we like the idea of the pass but don't want to be stuck for somewhere to stay?
Thank you in advance.


Hi there,

Japan is one of the best countries to ''travel on the fly''. I've done so many times myself by just hopping on the train and booking a hotel once I arrive at a city I like. Most bigger stations have a tourist information and they are a great help. Just tell them your budget and they will call local hotels to find a room for you.

If that fails for some reason, you can always stay the night in an internet cafe or other 24h business, something common among Japanese.

Hope this helps!

PS: just be sure beforehand that there's no special festival, because than rooms will be sold out months in advance.

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