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limo bus

Limo bus

We will be arriving at about 11pm at Haneda airport, is there any limo bus available for dropping us at Hilton in Shinjuku. What would be an alternate form of transport, subway to Shinjuku station then a taxi or should we take the taxi directly to the hotel. What would be the charges for three adults.


Hi there,

Yes there is a limo bus available from Haneda airport that brings your directly to the Hilton.
The price is 1200Yen/person.

Here is more information about and it, including a timetable.

Alternatively you can use the Monorail + train to travel to Shinjuku and either walk or take a taxi from there but this includes a couple of transfers. See here as example. This costs 680/person for the train.

It is hard to calculate taxi charges but be prepared to pay at least 7500 Yen from Haneda to Shinjuku by taxi, depending on traffic conditions.

Hope this helps.

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