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Kyushu Visit

Good morning,

We plan on staying 4 nights in Kyushu and we will be coming from Hiroshima.
We plan to visit Fukuoka, Kurokawa Onsen and Takachiho between the 17 - 21 October.
Can you recommend us an itinerary and hotels?
We are not to certain how to travel from Fukuoka to our other destination as we are not familiar with local transportation other than JR lines.

Thanks for your support and we are looking forward for your advice!




Hi there!

Fukuoka from Hiroshima is pretty simple, but it does get harder to travel to the locations you list by public transport. I have a really involved recent converation covering both Kurokawa and Takachiho that goes into a lot of detail about the buses and trains needed to visit both these locations that I recommend you take a look at.

As an alternative to public transport, how about renting a car from Hakata/Fukuoka for your time in Kyushu? You'd look at around ¥4000-5000/day, which if you are travelling in a group could be an economical approach.

For hotels - well, it's always tricky! In Fukuoka I always liked the Plaza Hotel in Tenjin, but it'll really depend on budget/type of hotel you'd like to use. Kurokawa in particular has a very good website with all the Ryokan Onsen listed.

Hope this helps!

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