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kyoto hotels booked out early april, travel from osaka?

Kyoto hotels booked out early april, travel from Osaka?

Hi Daniel,

We talked before about my itenerary, and I started to book my hotels (until now via However, when I started looking for accomodation in Kyoto from 04-04-2014 until 09-04-2014 I found out that most hotels were booked out, leaving only very expensive hotels (13.000 to 14.000 Yen per night is really my maximum) or hotels with very bad or no reviews. Other sites like and resulted in practically the same... :(

There seems to be enough choice in Osaka (and some in neighboring towns like Otsu, but I don't think I want to be there). Now I'm thinking of getting a hotel near Shin-Osaka from which it takes 15 minutes to Kyoto by bullet train. Perhaps you have other suggestions or advice?




Small addition: when I decide to stay in Osaka and visit Kyoto from there, it seems smart to change my itinerary as well, originally I had it planned like this:

04-4-2014 Kanazawa to Kyoto
05-4-2014 Kyoto
06-4-2014 Kyoto
07-4-2014 Kyoto (daytrip Nara)
08-4-2014 Kyoto
09-4-2014 Kyoto to Koyasan (mount Koyo)
10-4-2014 Koyasan to Osaka
11-4-2014 Osaka to Hiroshima

It seems smart to change this into:
04-4-2014 Kanazawa to Osaka
05-4-2014 Osaka
06-4-2014 Osaka
07-4-2014 Osaka (daytrip Nara)
08-4-2014 Osaka
09-4-2014 Osaka
10-4-2014 Osaka to Koyasan (mount Koyo)
11-4-2014 Koyasan to Hiroshima

My original itinerary


Hi Pim,

I guess people are starting to reserve their hotels for the Cherry Blossom season. Have you considered looking at hostels in Kyoto? I use a lot when staying in Japan and it works great - not only for hostels - but also for budget Ryokans and business hotels, I even booked a capsule hotel once.

Also Don't stay near Shin-Osaka the area is as boring as a block of concrete can be! If you do want to stay in Osaka, either stay near Umeda (Osaka station) or around Namba which I've always felt is the real heart of Osaka and has some great atmosphere, food and the best night life!

You could also give Rakuten Travel a try!

Hope this helps!

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