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kumamoto to takachiho gorge

kumamoto to takachiho gorge

Hi this is in Japanese.

I think there is only public bus to takachiho town.
1) does this timing means it leaves kumamoto bus station at 0911 and reach the town 1305 ?
2) kumamoto bus is near the JR station?
3) any idea how much is the fare ?

thank you


Hi there!

1.) The Kanji for Takachiho are 高千穂 and バスセンター = Bus center, the bus arrives here at 12:09.

2.) The 1st stop = 本駅前 = meaning right in front of Kumamoto station.

3.) The fare is 2,300yen / one way or 4,000yen if you buy a return at once.

Hope this helps :)


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