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kix > hiroshima > kobe> kyoto > osaka > kix (5days)

KIX > Hiroshima > Kobe> Kyoto > Osaka > KIX (5days)

Dear Sir,
I'm looking for jr from kansai airport to hiroshima and kobe for 1 one day (1st day) (1night)

2nd day I will leave from kobe to kyoto (1night)

3rd day I will leave from Kyoto to osaka (2 nights)

5th day Osaka to KIX

My questions:

  1. Should i use kodamakippu On my first day ? (for KIX to hiroshima to kobe)
  2. Should i take Jr from Kobe to kyoto? Is it the best way to kyoto?
  3. which Jr pass is suitable for my trip?

Please advice. Thank you.


Hi there,

I am not sure what you mean with the Kodama kippu (ticket). However generally packages like that offer a nice discount over normal prices. So use it if you can.

2.) I would recommend using the Shinkaisoku service. This is a fast local train that only takes about an hour to get to Kobe and is very economical.

3.) I would suggest buying normal tickets if you travel to Hiroshima with a special ticket. Otherwise you could have a look at the JR Sanyo pass.

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Thank you very much


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