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keisei limited express and skyline

Keisei Limited Express and Skyline

I will be travelling to Tokyo with my family and staying at Ueno. I noticed that the price for Keisei Limited express from Narita T2 is Y1050 where else Skyline is Y2450. Here is my question:-

1). where can I purchase Limited express ticket at Narita Terminal 2.
2). Can I buy limited express with cash?
3). Why Skyline ticket double than Limited Express. Is this price inclusive of seat reservation. Can I purchase Skyline ticket without seat reservation, Will the ticket be cheaper?
4). If both train share the same platform at Narita airport?
5). which train have more frequency to Ueno?


Hi there,

1.) You can do so at the Keisei ticket desk.

2.) Yes!

3.) The Skyline is a limited express train that does not make stops on the way, it also has a much better comfort level.

4.) Not sure about this one. However train departures are shown clearly on electronic signs.

5.) Here are the time tables for both.

Hope this helps,

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Skyliner is expensive. Reserved seats only.
If you want to save your money, you can choose express train.
It takes a little more time.
keisei Skyliner and keisei express depart from the extended plat form.
Keisei staff are at the ticket gate in the airport.
It's better to ask them.


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