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katsuyama city

Katsuyama City

We are in Japan from 1st May 2013. We want to visit Katsuyama City for the Dinosaur Museum on 8th, 9th and 10th May.
Our plan is to travel from Tokyo to Katsuyama city on 8th May, stay there for 3 nights- 2 days and then go from there to Kyoto on the 11th of May.

However I am having a tough time finding hotels in Katsuyama City, preferably not too far from the dinosaur museum.
There are very few reviews in English and also no mention of locations, hotel websites etc....
I found a place called ITAJIN which is a ryokan and looks lovely, but no website or phone numbers to contact them for a booking.
If anybody can recommend any hotels or advice on how to go about booking for the same. I would appreciate this....
Thanks in advance guys.


Hi again!

In general it is always hard to recommend a hotel, every body has their own preferences, budget and wishes.
Even so I did some searches to see what was available in the area but could not find anything that you can reserve online in English.

I did find Hotel Katsuyama, the website is only in Japanese but it has a phone number listed in the top corner.

If that does not work out, consider staying the night in Fukui, this a bigger city close to Katsuyama and has many hotels including budget hotels like Toyoko-inn.

I have been using this website lately for hotels bookings in Japan, its convenient and rates are good too.

Hope this helps,

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