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jrpass from haneda to the city, reccomended pass for my 9d trip in japan

JRPass from haneda to the city, reccomended pass for my 9D trip in Japan


Me and my parents are planning on visiting Japan from Feb 24th - Mar 4th, here's my itinerary

Feb 24 : 13:25 arrived Haneda, stay at Asakusa area
Feb 25 : Heading to kawaguchiko
Feb 26 : Mt. Fuji and surround
Feb 27 : Heading to Kyoto
Feb 28 : Kyoto and surround
Mar 1 : Heading to osaka & go back to kyoto at night
Mar 2 : Heading to Tokyo from Kyoto
Mar 3 : Tokyo and surround, stay at minato area
Mar 4 : Back to Jakarta from haneda airport

Questions are:
1. Should I buy the JR pass according to that itinerary?
2. Any reccomendation for the pass I have to buy when travelling around Tokyo, kawaguchiko, Kyoto, and Osaka?

Thank's in advance!



Based on your trip, while you are in Tokyo you can buy a card called Suica -, you can get this card from airport or any subway stations - For 3 days in Tokyo you only need to recharge $3000 Yen saves you buy ticket each way with $500 Yen deposit which you can get back once you return the card.

After Tokyo as you travel across Japan JR Pass will work when travelling to Kawaguchiko, Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Osaka but the only thing for you is there is no 9 day JR pass there is only a 7 day JR pass or 14 day JR pass.

Hope this helps,


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