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jr pass or buy ticket when i arrive

JR pass or buy ticket when I arrive

I am arriving on Dec 26th in Narita at 2:30pm. I plan on traveling to visit a friend in Shizuoka on December 30th and then retuning to Tokyo Jan 3rd. I plan on no other long train rides other than to Shizuoka and back to Tokyo.. Do you recommend I buy a JR rail pass or perhaps just purchase a train ticket to Shizuoka and back to Tokyo? I was also just going to buy a suica card to take subways when I get in Tokyo.

Also, I am unsure whether you can answer this question...but I plan to take a bus to my hotel near shiodome station rather than take a train and subway to my shiodome hotel. Do you recommend this?. I was worried about bus traffic into Tokyo, but I'm less likely to get lost via bus.


Hi there,

The best option would be to buy normal tickets if you plan to go to Shizuoka and back to Tokyo. A JR Pass would be great if used for a little more travel, such as a visit to Kyoto or Osaka.

I don't see a problem with taking the bus to your hotel. You could get a Pocket Wifi if you are afraid of getting lost. This way you can always navigate with Google maps.

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