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jr pass 7 days

JR pass 7 days

Is it worth getting a 7-day JR Pass?
I will fly in at Narita. I will spend 4 days in Tokyo, then take the Shinkansen to Kyoto for 2 days. On the 7th day I will take the Shinkansen to Shinosaka.
Like to hear your views.

Pet oh
Pet oh

Hi there,

You would do the following travel

Narita Airport - Tokyo ¥ 3,020
Tokyo - Kyoto ¥ 13,600
Kyoto - Shin-Osaka ¥ 2,810

For a total of ¥ 19,430, this is still short of the price of a 7 day JR Pass, so it would be better to buy tickets as you travel. However if you do make a return to Tokyo than a JR Pass would become a great choice.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Daniel.
Other than the travels that I mentioned, the inter-city (tokyo-kyoto-osaka), I will also use the pass for internal commuting while in Tokyo and Kyoto. Still not worth getting the Pass? It is my first time to the places I mentioned. No idea what that will amount to. Your views, please.

Pet oh
Pet oh

Hi Again!

Travel within Tokyo and Kyoto is very cheap and I still think that it is better to buy normal tickets. However feel free to ask again if plans happen to change :)


Thank you, Daniel-San. Will do what you have suggested.

Pet oh
Pet oh

Hi Daniel-San.
My name is Megawaty from Medan - Indonesia.

Is it worth getting a 7-day JR Pass?
I will fly in at Kansai Airport . Arrive around 11 pm
Our Trip as below :
Day 1 Kansai Airport - Nikko Kansai Airport Hotel
Day 2 From Nikko Kansai Airport - Floral Inn Namba Hotel - Universal Studio
Day 3 Namba to Toyama
Day 4 Toyama - Tateyama Alpine Route
Day 5 Toyama - Takayama - Shin Hokata Ropeway
Day 6 Takayama - Shirakagawo - Osaka
Day 7 Osaka Floral inn Namba - Kansai Airport

Question :
1. Please inform the access detail from Kansai Airport to JR Namba
2. JR Namba access detail to Universal Studio
3. JR Namba access detail to Toyama
3. Toyama to Takayama
4. JR Pass Cover Shin Hokata Ropeway?
5. From Takayama to Osaka Access Detail
7 JR Namba Access Detail to Kansai Airport
8. is it different JR Shin-Osaka Station and JR Osaka Station ?
9. What is Metro ?

Truly to say..I'm very confuse cause this is the first time we travel by self to Japan.

Please inform
Like to hear your views.

Michelle Angeline
Michelle Angeline

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