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itinerary and number of days in each city

Itinerary and number of days in each city

Next May we are going to visit Japan.We have a lot of questions not solved.We'll arrive to Tokyo Narita and departe from the same airport
1) ) Are 9 days enough to visit :Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto , Nara and Hiroshima, or we need some more days?
2)Which are the distances between Tokyo and Osaka , Osaka to Hiroshima , Osaka- Nara, Osaka-Kyoto
3) If we book a Hotel in Osaka , we can go to Kyoto daily and to Nara also.
4)Can we take JR trains to do all we want to visit?Is convenient?
5)Can you tell us the time in hours that each section of trip we want to do takes in train ?
6)Can I ask you the questions in spanish ?
7)How many days are necessary to visit for the first time each city I write you in the item 1.?
Thanks a lot , I ' ll wait your answer to make all the reservations I need and decide what kind of trip I have to plan and what kind of transportation I need.


Hi there,

1.) Nine days in Japan is a good start, of course when it comes to staying in Japan more days is always better.

2.) To look up distances, travel times, fare and route information you can use Hyperdia it's an amazing resource when it comes to travel in Japan.

3.) Yes Kyoto and Nara are within 1 Hour travel of Osaka, meaning that making day trips works out great.

4.) Yes the JR Pass covers travel between all these cities and using the Shinkansen is by far the most convenient way of travel. Seat reservations are free of charge and you only need one ticket for all your travel with the JR Pass.

5.) As a general rule, trains in Japan start around 6 a.m. in the morning and run until midnight. Actual times differ depending on route and day traveled.

6.) Unfortunately I don't speak Spanish very well - in Japan most stations have a multi language speaking tourist information that may speak Spanish. The main languages seem to be English, Chinese and Korean though.

7.) I would use your 9 days as follows Tokyo (3) Kyoto (2) Osaka (2) Nara (1) Hiroshima (1). If you have more days to spend I would try to spend more time in Kyoto and or Hiroshima.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot for the information , It will be very usefull to plan our visit to Japan and to reconsider how many days we are going to travel .


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