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is the jr pass suitable for tokyo to kyoto itinerary

Is the JR Pass suitable for Tokyo to Kyoto itinerary

Thank you for you clear and helpful advice in your various articles.
My wife and I are arriving in Narita airport on the 16 Nov 2015. We would very much appreciate your advice on whether getting the JR pass (7-14 days) for the following itinerary is better than getting a Keisei Skyliner combined with 3 days Tokyo Subway ticket, individual train tickets and Kansai Thru Pass.
Tokyo for 3 nights.
Train to Takayama/Gokayama/Kanazawa 3 nights.
Train to Kyoto/local sights/Himeji for 5 nights.
Train from Kyoto to Kawayu Onsen 2 nights.
Boat from Taisha Hongu to Shingu 1 night
Shingu to Osaka area 2 nights
Airport on 2 Dec 2015

Apologies for the complexity.
Thank you very much


Hi there,

In an itinerary like yours, it is best to look at ticket prices you would pay without a JR Pass and see if you can make savings with a JR Pass. Below is a quick list of ticket prices for rail travel:

Tokyo - Takayama ¥ 16,230
(Assuming here that you will use to bus to Kanazawa via Gokayama) Kanazawa - Kyoto ¥ 7,100
Kyoto - Himeji ¥ 10,940 (return, using the Shinkansen)
Kyoto - Kawayu is also traveled by bus.
Shingu - Osaka ¥ ¥ 11,720 with JR / ¥ 8,260 with JR and Nankai

Looking at your itinerary, a lot of transport is also done using other transport than JR and it looks like that you would not be able to make savings if you get a JR Pass for the entire trip. Still you could consider a 7 day JR Pass for Tokyo - Takayama and Kanazawa - Kyoto, Kyoto - Himeji return. This would give you nice savings and even better ones if my assumption is not right and you plan on taking the train from Takayama - Kanazawa.

Hope this helps,

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