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is the 7 day pass right for me?

Is the 7 day pass right for me?

Hi all I will be traveling to Japan for the first time in November for 10 days.
I would like to know if it will be worth it for us to buy a 7 day pass.
This is our rough itinerary:
Day 1-3 Tokyo(Ginza, Akihabra, Harajuku, Shibuya)
Day 4-6 Osaka(Activate JR pass)
Day 5-7 Kyoto, Nara
Day 8-9 Hiroshima
Day 10 travel back to Narita Airport

Is it worth it to buy the first class tickets?
How many days in advance do we need to reserve our seats for the Shinkansen?
If I buy the tickets online now, will they still be usable in November?
Will I have time to go to mount Fuji our is it better to look at it from a distance?

Sorry for so many questions and Thank you in advance.


Yes a 7 Day Pass will work. It is not needed to get Green Seats. Regular is quite comfortable. You should not get your exchange order now though - wait until a few weeks before leaving for Japan to make sure everything is still on schedule etc. You don't have to reserve seats ahead of time, but you can if you want at a JR office.

For Mt. Fuji, you can't climb it, and going partway up it has no view and nothing to do. Try going to Hakone.


Thank you so much for your quick reply.
Will the JR line take me up to Hakone too or do I need another pass?
When would you recommend going to Hakone? During one of the Tokyo days maybe

Thank you


Yes, you'll need another pass for Hakone. The best time would be as a side trip from Tokyo.


Hello there,

You would get very good value out of a 7 day JR Pass by visiting Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima with it. I would advise using it from day 4-10, assuming that you depart for Osaka on Day 4.

Tickets can be reserve the day before departure but also days in advance if you wish to have it done with. A JR Pass can be purchased 90 days in advance, so wait a bit longer.

Fuji is best viewed for a distance but you do need a bit of good weather. Popular places to view Fuji from are Hakone and Fuji Five Lakes. Both make for easy visits from Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the great advice Daniel and Toraneko!


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