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is jr pass is more economical?

Is JR pass is more economical?

I just want to ask if using a jr pass is more economical in our itinerary rather than traveling tokyo to osaka buy overnightbus roudtrip and just buy normal train tickets?

Feb 13 haneda airport - tokyo

         Imperial Palace East Garden
         Intermidiatheque at Kitte
         Marunouchi side if Tokyo Station
         Imperial Palace
         Niju-Bashi Bridge of Imperial Palace
*  Thinking if we could ride a bullet train or           overnight bus going to osaka

Feb 14 Universal Studio

Feb 15 osaka - kyoto

         Arashiyama Bamboo Grove 
         Fushimi Inari-Taisha

Feb 16 osaka

         Ascend the Umeda bldg
         Osaka Castle
         Sumiyoshi Shrine
         Suntory Distillery
         *Returning back to Tokyo

Feb 17 Tokyo

         Sensoji Temple
         Sumida River Boat Ride
         Diver City
         Oedo Onsen

Feb 18 Disney Sea Resort

Feb 19 Tsukiji Market

         Meiji Shrine
         Takeshita Dori

Feb 20 Free Day

         Tokyo to Haneda

Where can we include in our itinerary Gotemba Premium Outlets?

Where can we best see Mt. Fuji... So that we could just sneek an ample of time... Is it possible to see it during our trip?


Hello there,

Using a 7 day JR Pass here is definitely more economic here than buying normal train tickets.

Comparing the JR Pass to night buses is not so easy. First of all because travel by bullet train is a completely different experience than by bus. I would avoid using night buses for short term trips to Japan at any cost, losing a day due to fatigue because you may have a hard time sleeping on the bus is not worth the yens saved on travel/accommodation.

With the JR Pass you can simply take any train you like whenever you want and travel to places such as Gotemba is also included. Gotemba is near Fuji and you can have a beautiful view of Fuji from Gotemba already, no need to go anywhere else. We do have a detailed post about Fuji and Gotemba here.

Hope this helps,

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